Prior Years' Sermons

Every Sunday morning sermon preached in COB is now recorded, converted to mp3 and archived. Unless something goes wrong with the recording/conversion process, every Sunday morning sermon since 1/1/12 is available for you to listen to. Our podcast is listed in iTunes you can search for us either under Community of Believers or COB.

To listen through iTunes on your computer use this link which will load the sermons into iTunes. If you are using some other device or do not have iTunes on your computer use the RSS Feed instead. Also, many web browsers (such as Firefox) have an RSS reader built in and you can use this instead of iTunes if you prefer. Simply direct your RSS reader program/app to

If you need an RSS reader app for your iPod/iPad/iPhone/Android-based smart phone, a good one is Pocket Casts for iOS or Android.

Once you have subscribed to our podcast archive through iTunes or an RSS reader, you can automatically receive messages as soon as they are uploaded to the archive.

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