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If there are technical issues with a video recording, this page will continue to show the previous message.


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For the security of our children and their families, we cannot show the video for children's church plays. Instead, we continue showing the previous message. However, you can hear the audio through our audio archive.
Due to copyright issues, the video for 2-14-21 had to be broken into four parts. The playlist for that day's message is here.
Due to technical difficulties, there was no video for the following services:
9-10-17, 11-26-17, 12-31-17, 2-11-18, 4-29-18, 5-20-18, 2-3-19, 5-5-19 and 7-12-20.
To hear the audio of those messages go to our audio archive


Due to technical issues with the 2-4-18, 12-30-18, 3-3-19, 4-28-19, 7-28-19 and 12-29-19 videos, they are incomplete.
To hear the entire message for these services go to our audio archive.


There was no audio or video recording of the 12-24-17 service.

In addition, the special service with Witness on 3-31-19 was not video recorded and there were technical difficulties with the audio recording.

If there are problems with the video, you can still hear the message through our audio archive.

You can see other videos at or listen to our audio archive here.

Note: The YouTube channel was set up prior to the name change from Community of Believers to Community Vineyard.

You can also see Pursuit 2016 here.

You can see other videos at our YouTube Channel or listen to our audio archive here. To see sermons prior to 2016 visit our prior YouTube channel.

Note: Due to the fact the name change from Community of Believers to Community Vineyard took several months and was not final until 2016, the last couple of months worth of sermons in our prior channel will be using the new name.